Choosing Lacrosse Gloves for Your Lacrosse Equipment

While not mandatory except for goalies, lacrosse gloves are an important part of lacrosse equipment. The purpose of lacrosse gloves is to protect the fingers, knuckles, wrists and forearms from injury due to defensive hits. The back of lacrosse gloves consists of thick padding covered in leather or canvas. The palm portion of the lacrosse gloves is made of synthetic material or mesh netting. The goalie’s gloves have extra padding for the thumb as added protection against shots.

While collegiate rules require that the palm area of lacrosse gloves are covered, international rules together with the National Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse allow the palm area to be cut out so players can have a better grip and control of the stick. Although not required except for goalies, women’s lacrosse players often use smaller gloves to give them a better grip and some protection.

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