Lacrosse Equipment for Boys and Girls

Lacrosse is a rugged, physical game and there is a set of lacrosse equipment to ensure the safety of players and help them perform well. Safety standards have been established with which all lacrosse equipment must comply. In addition, the equipment must be well-maintained and must fit the players properly. There are some differences in lacrosse equipment for boys and girls because of differences in rules. These are the major ones:

Common lacrosse equipment for boys and girls:

  • Stick or crosse – Every player needs a stick or crosse. However, the length varies with the stick for boys’ lacrosse being longer than that for girls.
  • Mouth guard – A mouth piece to protect the player’s teeth is mandatory for both boys and girls.
  • Footwear – Although athletic shoes are allowed, special lacrosse shoes with cleats are recommended. There are special rules regarding cleats for boys and girls.
  • Gloves – Although optional in some lacrosse girls’ leagues, gloves are a great help in protecting the hands from the ball and other sticks.

Lacrosse equipment for boys consists of the following items:

  • Helmet with face guard – In a contact sport like boys’ lacrosse, the helmet and face guard are essential to protect the head and eyes. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment has set standards with which lacrosse helmets must comply.
  • Shoulder, elbow, rib pads – Although sometimes optional in kids’ lacrosse, these pads are nevertheless recommended to protect the different parts of the body during contact or falls.
  • Cup and holder – Generally recommended for older lacrosse players, a cup and holder protect a man’s sensitive area during a game.

Girls’ lacrosse equipment includes the following special items:

  • Goggles – An eye shield with a band that wraps around the back of the head, lacrosse goggles protect the eyes from accidental contact with the ball, stick or another player.
  • Support bra – The female counterpart of the men’s cup and holder, the sports or support bra helps the older female lacrosse players perform with more confidence and agility.

Special goalies’ equipment is needed to provide adequate protection in this special position. This consists of:

  • Goalie stick –These are larger than the sticks used by the other players and are needed for the goalie to block incoming shots.
  • Helmet with throat protector – In addition to a mouth guard, a goalie’s helmet must have protection for the throat from incoming shots.
  • Chest protector, shin guards, knee pads – These items of lacrosse equipment are necessary for protection in the course of the movements called for to block shots and prevent goals.

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